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  • May 24, 2024

Getting to know the most popular hybrid sports: Teqball, Picklebal, and Surfskating

The past few years have been evolutionary when it comes to sports. We are witnessing more and more new games being added to the sports realms all across the planet, gathering an increasing number of fans on a global level, attracting bettors’ interest worldwide and gaining a prominent place in bookmakers’ list of sports, from the best betting company in Tanzania to a small sportsbook in any other part of the globe. 

What is really interesting is that these new sports that are becoming popular day by day, are not actually newly invented games. They are hybrid sports, which are essentially being given birth to by mixing ingredients from the all-so popular, established, and widespread followed sports, like football, tennis, soccer, etc. 

Teqball, pickleball, and surfskating are now sitting at the top of the fastest-growing hybrid sports in the world and they are paving their way to bookmakers’ pages in Tanzania, Kenya -such as those found at and other African markets as well. They are no longer seen as marginal and their hype doesn’t seem to be fueled by the fact that they are the new kids on the block. 

They are getting more fans than one would expect, considering that they are just blending existing popular sports features into revamped or re-shaped sports, presented to both existing and new audiences. And these audiences seem to get crazy about these reconfigured mixtures of well-known sports, shooting them straight to the top in terms of viewership rates, attendance and of course sports betting. 

Let’s see how these three have evolved and get to meet the hybrid sports that are thriving at the moment. 

By now, Teqball is not only a mainstream sport, but a full-fledged game, largely integrated into the list of the fastest-rising sports of the world. Officials have aspired to get Teqball to the LA 2028 Olympics and make it an official Olympic sport, but this opportunity passed once the Committee opted for other alternatives on inclusion. Irrespective of this, though, Teqball enjoys a very strong fan base and a growing number of players, who are building skills and capabilities, that will eventually take the sport to a whole new level. 

Tournaments, leagues, and high-profile competitions featuring world-class athletes are now taking place on the grounds of a sport that combines soccer and table tennis attributes. Teqball was created in 2014 in Hungary by soccer enthusiasts and it has now grown into a sport played by professional players. 

The rules are simple, while the format borrows much from soccer, tennis, and table tennis procedures. It is played on a curved ping-pong table and the players’ mission is to hit the soccer ball into their opponents’ side.

Pickleball is also hyping, getting much attention from both tennis enthusiasts and non-tennis fans. It is a sport combining features from tennis, table tennis and badminton for its greatest part and it is gaining popularity outside the US boundaries, where it was initially created. It is not as new as Teqball. In fact it was invented back in 1965, but it is only recently that it has triggered so much interest, particularly after some ex pro tennis players turned to Pickleball to build on the prospects of expanding their sports career. 

It resembles tennis and ping pong when it comes to format, while its rules are different from both. It is played with paddles and plastic balls in relatively shorter courts -compared to the original tennis courts- and games can be held both indoors and outdoors. 

Surfskating is on a constant rise in the past few years. Even though it started off as a method of training for the surfers when they were unable to find or cope with big waves, today the combination of surf and skating has evolved into a legit and distinctive sport. More and more people are actually ‘dragged’ into the world of mixing up elements of sea sports with the traditional skate-like cruising and more and more people get to love this new, hybrid sport that allows them to experience wave-like movements on “soil”.